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Growing athletes need good nutrition habits instilled. Skipping breakfast, for instance is not an option. Our young players need to understand that their bodies need fuel to perform well, and junk food will lead to loss of energy on court. The head house parent is responsible for a variety of hearty meals during the school week, based on protocols known to provide the necessary ingredients for high performance. On weekends when not at tournaments, our full time boarders are able to partake of various local cuisine while enjoying a day and 1/2 off to let their bodies recover. If a student has any food allergies, it is imperative that the house parent be made aware of this beforehand, in order to plan meals accordingly.


We take our responsibility to look after the safety and well-being of our boarders very seriously. Our rules are quite strict; and we do not tolerate unsafe behavior. Our house parents are always mature, highly qualified people who care about the kids entrusted to their care. Our pros help with local activities on Saturday afternoons, after tennis practice, as well as taking kids to tournaments, and supervising them.