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2024-2025 CALENDAR

August 7, 2024Hilton Head High School classes begin
August 8, 2024Christian Academy classes begin
August 12, 2024VDMTA On-Court training begins
Heritage Academy classes begin
August 13, 2024Hilton Head Prep classes begin
December 19, 2024Heritage Academy Winter Break
December 20, 2024Last Day of the Academy/VDMTA Training Break
Hilton Head Prep Winter Break
Hilton Head High School Winter Break
January 7, 2025VDMTA On-Court training resumes
Hilton Head Prep classes resume
January 8, 2025Hilton Head High School classes resume
January 9, 2025Heritage Academy classes resume
March 3-7, 2025Spring Break - No classes Hilton Head Prep
March 10-14, 2025Spring Break - No classes Heritage Academy
April 14-18, 2025No classes Hilton Head Prep
April 17-18, 2025Heritage Golf - No classes Heritage Academy
May 17, 2025Hilton Head Prep Graduation
May 23, 2025Last Day of VDMTA On-Court training
Hilton Head Prep Last Day of School
Heritage Graduation / Last Day of School
May 29, 2025Hilton Head High School Last Day of School

students graduating

Players should obtain a calendar schedule from their school for specific school holiday information such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving break, etc. VDMTA training schedules are not affected by these school holidays. The only gap in training is the winter holiday break.