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dennis hitting forehandIn 1986, we founded the Van Der Meer Tennis Academy because we had so many families who asked us to provide the kind of coaching and goal setting their children were exposed to at our summer camp. The kids and their parents appreciated the work ethic and personal life skills we taught, as well as the expert tournament training the kids got at camp. Running an academy provides lots of challenges, but the reward of helping young people achieve their personal goals is what motivates us to strive for the best.

We are proud of our role in helping guide our full and part time students through the college decision making process, junior tournament choices, ITF and the ATP/WTA pro circuit pathway, and have been very happy with the decisions these young people have made as they become adults. Most of them come “home” to touch base with their second home at least once a year either in person or by phone/email. After many years, some are even bringing their babies when they come to see us.

Players come here because they have a motivation to do something beyond average with their lives. Some of them will turn pro, and have a wonderful career on the tour. Most of them will play college tennis before trying to play full time as a pro. An education is always a good thing to have; it helps you in so many ways throughout life, and it is good to have options.

We want our players to take full advantage of the opportunity their families have given them. We want them to try their best at all times; giving themselves the best chance to succeed as a player and person. Life owes you nothing—it is up to each person to make a good life for him/herself. We as coaches are here to help. The ultimate responsibility for how far you’ll go rests on your shoulders. Our former students have become doctors, lawyers, teachers and financial consultants as well as Wimbledon and Grand Slam champions. We are equally proud of their tennis and personal achievements.