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Player Expectations

student with racquetIn order to maintain a safe, respectful, and harmonious environment for all, it is our expectation that everyone does his or her part to maintain these appropriate behavior standards so that strong performance is maximized on the court.

Expected Behaviors

  • Prepared and on time for practice
  • Enough strung racquets
  • Filled water bottle
  • Proper, decent attire
  • 100% effort/focus for each session
  • Always respectful to coaches, players, and facility
  • Positive competitive attitude
  • Willingness to listen and learn
  • Notification ahead of time for absence or late arrival

Examples of Unacceptable Behaviors

  • Obnoxious, loud behavior
  • Inappropriate or bad language (in any language)
  • Use of racial, sexual, or ethnic slurs or jokes
  • Excessive rough behavior or wrestling
  • Racquet throwing or abuse
  • Facility abuse (banging the fence or net)
  • Tanking, quitting, cheating
  • Disrespecting coaches or players
  • Vandalism of VDM property

In addition, players are expected to be role models of the sport by displaying professional attitudes and actions to one another, all visiting players, and while participating in any tournament or event.

Upon enrollment in the Academy, players are issued the Van Der Meer Tennis Academy Code of Conduct which covers on-court behavior, housing rules for boarding players, and tournament travel. Each player and family or financial sponsor must sign this behavior expectation agreement. Category I infractions include zero-tolerance violations that are serious in nature and reflect profound disregard for the safety, health and well being of staff and/or players and can result in immediate expulsion with no refund. Category II infractions are actions that reflect a lack of courtesy and consideration for others and are tracked through a demerit system.

As an elite-level training facility, Van Der Meer Tennis Academy sets high expectations for players to maintain a healthy lifestyle (mentally and physically) in order to achieve the level of athleticism required to be a successful player.