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Our weekly fitness program includes on court drills with a continuous focus on speed, agility, and quickness, as well as endurance and functional strength for tennis. Training sessions include plyometric drills, sprints, footwork drills, rotator cuff exercises, core stability, and flexibility exercises. Fitness progress reports are provided for athletes who regularly attend the training sessions.

The program is further strengthened with education regarding sports-specific testing, sports psychology, sports nutrition, as well as care and prevention of athletic injuries. We work closely with several excellent local orthopedic doctors and trainers in case of injury requiring expert attention.

Players aged 14 and up are encouraged to join our weight training program on Tuesday and Thursday at Players Club gym adjacent to VDM. Age appropriate fitness sessions for younger students are conducted on court. Mental toughness training is emphasized Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but is integrated as a basic part of every session.

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